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Fall of Ball

Welcome to the fall of Ball Chart.

The charts that you will see here are made up, as the lotto balls
come out of the drawing machine.
We have now included these charts as a FUN WAY of helping you to
select your lotto numbers.

But for these charts to be accurate, only lotto draws that the Lotto Shack
can personally obtain the results in Drawn order are included here.


Thr First Rule:
1. If there are two numbers tied for the your FIRST selection, use this number 
plus the SECOND best number (with ties) as part of your selection.

The Second Rule:
2. If there are THREE or MORE numbers tied for your top selection, use only 
these numbers for this position
The Third Rule:
3. If you have TWO or more numbers tied for the SECOND highest number
in a position, use the highest frequency and second ties.
The Fourth Rule:
4. If you have any ties with the THIRD highest frequency number  use only 
the TOP and SECOND picks, disregarding THIRD ties. 


Column #1

Number 2 had the highest frequency with 10 occurrences.
Number 4 had the SECOND highest frequency with 9 occurrences.
Numbers 1 and 5 are tied and will not be used (rule 4)

Column #2

Numbers 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 14 are all tied for the highest frequency and therefore
will be the only numbers used for the position (rule 2) 

Column #3

Number 17 had the highest frequency with 7 occurrences.
Number 11 was the SECOND highest frequency with 6 occurrences.
Numbers 10, 12, 14, 15 and 18 all have 4 occurrences and therefore
will not be used. (rule 4)

Column #4

Number 19 had the highest frequency with 7 occurrences.
Number 20 had the SECOND highest frequency with 5 occurrences.
Numbers 23, 24 and 27 are all tied with 4 occurrences and therefore
will not be included (rule 4)

Column #5

Number 32 had the highest frequency with 6 occurrences.
Numbers 26, 30 and 31 all had 5 occurrences and therefore
will be included (rule 3)

Column #6

Number 34 had the highest frequency with 8 occurrences.
Number 35 had the next highest frequency with 7 occurrences.
Numbers 31 and 36 are tied with 6 occurrences and therefore
will not be used (rule 4)

Any Remaining Columns

There may be Columns #7 and Columns #8 to work out your selections.
Using the above RULES you can now make your selections.

After you have selected your numbers using any of the
Fall of Ball Charts,
You may have a large selection of numbers.
You should now consider using a Wheeling system to cover all of your Selections.

Which wheeling system you use is your choice, the Lotto Shack is aware
of the following wheeling systems:
Wheeling Systems on Paper
Wheeling Systems in different Lotto Books.
And Lotto Programs which contain different wheeling systems
to run on either PC's or Macintosh computers.

Or even maybe an on-line number generator and a very 
good one can be found at the Lottoselection
Which method you choose is up to you.
Also the way you play these wheeling systems is once again your choice.
Place the numbers in the wheeling system different ways to see which
way will give you the best possible results.
The way your selections are made up from the columns is a good guide.
Then again numerical order, playing either,
Ascending or Descending order is another way.
And please remember.
Only bet within your means.
If you use these charts in helping you select your numbers and have some
very good success, the Lotto Shack would like to know about it.

© The Lotto Shack
Melbourne Australia.
April 2001

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