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After studying Australian Lotto for over 17 years or since the early eighties. We have found out a lot of information.
The Lotto Shack is now going to share this information with you, Free of Charge, to allow you to play better and smarter.

Even in the early days of the old 6 from 40 format, it was noticed that, the following draw for any given data base, that out of the eight numbers drawn, yes! The supplementaries were taken into consideration. That the following weeks draw on a MEAN AVERAGE, at least 2 numbers re-appeared the following week, but which two numbers has still not been resolved by this office as of yet.
To prove a point, please check our new feature of the Skip and Hit Charts by clicking on the navigation button for this feature, and choose the data base you wish to view.

ODDS and EVENS (2x2) Method:
Also some thing else which has shown over the years.
If the winning numbers from the last week's draw, do not re-appear the following week, then we have found over the years, that the winning numbers for the following week's draw are usually within 2 points either side of this previous week's winning numbers.

For an example, let's say that Lotto Number 20 won last week, in any given Lotto Draw.
So we automatically take 20 as one of selections.
We now included Lotto numbers 18 and 19 for the low side.
For the High side we include Lotto numbers 21 and 22 as part of our selections.
Do this for all the winning numbers drawn in any particular data base.
You may now end up with a rather large amount of selections.
This is when you should consider using a wheeling system.
May it be from a Computer program, Lotto Book, or paper plan, impose your selections.
Or better still, play All the ODD Numbers as one selection and all the Even numbers as another selection.
Records show that sometimes all the drawn numbers are either EVEN or ODD.
Check out the last table on any of the Lotto shack Statistics pages, just above the computer predictions, and you will see this has happened in the past.

Actually it was Tom who first came up with this idea. This was made up before the currant 6 from 45 format. And it still worked all those years ago with the old 6 from 40 format. His idea was to use all Lotto numbers dividable by "3" or multiples of "3"

This one is very easy, so let look at the numbers, shall we;

03 06 09 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36 39 42 45

At the time in Perth, an Official system 14 was the highest that you could play.
This was before I came across Wheeling Systems for Computers. Yes! There were some very good wheeling systems for the Commodore 64 Computer, one very good , that beats any IBM program to date.
Therefore it was brought to Tom's notice that the Lotto numbers "3" and "13" where lucky numbers for me and so the Lotto Numbers with an actual figure "3" were then looked at. Now look at these numbers;

03 13 23 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 43

You will now see that there are 14 numbers, the same as an official System entry.
Going through the historical Data base, please feel free to use your Search Engine Database Archive to do this. Check the Winning Numbers for draw 633.

For the moment let's take the draw number and bring it to a single number.
6 + 3 + 3 (Three digit's)
6 + 3 = 9 + 3 (Two digit's)
9 + 3 = 12 (Two digit's)
1 + 2 = 3 (Single digit)

So what where the winning numbers for draw 633…Interesting isn't it?
Had another theory on this, for another draw but it did not work.
But still one more Draw for this theory to work for, and Draw it is still to come up.

$339 837.14

And here are the results for the same 14 numbers since the first draw in the 6 from 45 format up to most recent.
Database :- Lotto Bloc - Saturday. From 413 to 2053.

Win Summary
339 837.14
25 054.80
7 6671.15
107 009.50
110 989.55

Need a complete summary, then this available for $10.00.
Send Money order or cheque to the Lotto Shack, and ask for Saturday Lotto Summary.

The Lotto Shack has now combine both groups of numbers and has open a syndicate for the Bonus Super Draw to be conducted in December 2001.
The numbers covered are;

03 06 09 12 13 15 18 21 23 24 27 30
31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 42 43 45
(A total of 24 numbers)

Let us look at the same 14 numbers for New Zealand Lotto.
Here are the test results.

Draw Date N1 N2 N3 N4 N5 N6 S Payout Winners
320 11-Sep-93 35 31 32 33 36 38 11 $35 937.00 38
593 28-Nov-98 36 32 38 33 34 13 04 $1 302 590.00 1

Still very intesting isn't it?
And here are the results for the same 14 numbers since the first draw in New Zealand 6 from 40 format up to most recent.
Database :- NZ Lotto - Saturday. From 1 to 716.

Win Summary
1 338 527.00
60 274.10
117 546.30
58 706.80

So who is to say that this theory would not work for your particular State Lotto examples would be;

South Australia Monday Extra - 6 from 45 Format.
Queensland Gold Midweek - 6 from 45 Format.
New South Wales Monday - 6 from 44 Format.
(But here only playing with 13 numbers - up to Lotto number 39)
New South Wales Wednesday - 6 from 44 Format
(But here only playing with 13 numbers - up to Lotto number 39)
Victorian Midweek Lotto - 6 from 40.
(But here only playing with 13 numbers - up to Lotto number 39)

Australian Soccer Pools - 6 from 38 Format.
(But here only playing with 12 numbers - up to Lotto number 38)


New Zealand Saturday - 6 from 40 Format.
(But here only playing with 13 numbers - up to Lotto number 39)
United Kingdom Wednesday - 6 from 49 Format.
United Kingdom Saturday - 6 from 49 Format.
Canadian Wednesday - 6 from 49 Format.
Canadian Saturday - 6 from 49 Format.
(All Above 6from49 Lotto formats)
(Are played with 15 numbers-up to Lotto number 48)

Irish Wednesday - 6 from 42 Format.
Irish Saturday - 6 from 42 format.
(For Irish Lotto, only playing with 13 numbers - up to Lotto number 39)

The Lotto Shack has looked at the following groups of numbers, and the results for the their entire database is very poor;

01 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 21 31 41 (14 numbers still)

02 12 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 32 42 (14 numbers still)
So why then does the Lotto numbers with a figure "3" work better.
We do not know. We can not answer that one for you, but it does work.


Many people make money by playing Lotto.
In this section we will explore the secrets used to get consistent winning
from Lotto. They may not be the First Division, but regular small division wins while waiting for the BIG ONE, is really nice, don't you think so?

NOW! Lets get started and learn how to play the Lotto Game to WIN!

In order to scientifically play Lotto, biases must be isolated and used to your advantage.
Biases causes an event to happen consistently.
In lotto biases can be caused by inconsistency:

Weight of Ball.
Amount of Paint on the Ball.
The actual colour of the ball.

Some real PET theories from the Lotto Shack:
Actual GROUND temperate at the time of the draw. (Seasonal Factor)
The reality ground humidity at the time of the draw. (Seasonal)
The studio lights at the time of drawing. (Heat factor on balls)
These theories have not been proven, then again they have not been dis-proven.
Also have been asked many times if we have any record has to the winning numbers, came out as In Coloured Ball's.
Have never looked at this, but who is to say this is not another way of looking at selecting Lotto Numbers.

So therefore, the drag co-efficient of each ball is different, and therefore patterns will develop that can be tracked.
This inconsistency causes a bias which becomes noticeable in you analysis. There is no need to understand what causes biases. You only need to know how to use these biases to your advantage.

Please CLICK on the Navigation buttons for:
Skip and Hit's Charts.
And maybe the Fall of Ball Charts.


If you look at each of the different Lotto games, you will find the best numbers (most frequently drawn) are always different.
Using simple methods we will learn how to discover these bias's or differences so they can be used to predict future numbers.
There two schools of thoughts regarding how to play numbers than seem to be randomly drawn (See section on Random).
You either play the ones that come up the most, or the ones that are OVERDUE to come up.

To beat any given Lotto game, the Lotto Shack suggest that you play numbers that show a HIGH frequency rather than a LOW frequency of occurrence.
(See our Fall of Ball Charts too see what numbers perform better)


It can be shown that significant portions of the previous games drawn, possess number sums in a small band around a centre sum. Thus it would be desirable (to further reduce costs) to remove from a wheeling system any games that possess number sums outside that band.
This reduction technique will remove any games that have a number sum out side the start sum and end sum range.
Example 1:
You desire your wheeling system to cover about 80% of the possible sums. By examining the percentage column we can see that a band of +/- 40 around the centre sum of 138, covers 80% of the previous draws. Thus we would select a start sum of 98 (138-40) and a Stop sum of 178 (138+40).
Example 2:
Imagine you have selected 20 numbers and you wish to use a 5 from 6 guarantee wheeling system but can only afford to cover up to 1000 and not the 1336 games that must be covered. You do not wish to compromise and drop to a system 19 so what can you do?

Make several reductions until you have the desired number of games required. Start off with small number deviation around the centre sum and increase it with each reduction attempt.
Eventually you will generate a system with the required number of games.
Note: If the wheeling system had a specific guarantee then the guarantee will no longer hold true once the system has been reduced. However it is possible to use the percentage figure mentioned above as the approximate success percentage that the guarantee will be upheld.
(Please see Computer Lotto Programs for further information)


Randomness Testing, using a scientifically proven method called the "CHI-Squared Test" shows most Lotto draw's are NOT that Random.
A Graph showing the randomness of a particular draw database using this method shows us that.
A Lotto program used by the Lotto Shack shows us a graph for any given Lotto game.
From this program, the Random chart shows that Points above
zero indicator line indicate that the draws exhibit randomness.
Whilst points below zero Indicator line indicate that the draws are not random.

Using the Saturday Lotto 6 from 45 Format, this chart shows us, that most of the draws fell BELOW the zero indicator line.
And into the NOT RANDOM AREA.
Also going on the results of the latest Saturday 6 from 45 Format, shows that the draws are heading from the RANDOM AREA and towards the zero indicator line, and more than probably past it and into the thr Not RANDOM AREA, where it is more than likely to be for some time, from previous indicated results.
(please see our Skip and Hit Charts to the results)

Commercial Lotto Programs:

The Lotto Shack has seen and tested many Lotto Programs.
It now uses only two programs for the IBM.
It would be a matter of choice to which program that you may use.

Wheeling Systems:

The lotto Shack likes to use a certain wheeling system for the Syndicates that we are conducting.
Which wheeling system is up to you, let the amount of money you can afford to spend, be your guide as to which wheeling system you use.
Or play with the Lotto Shack
Weekly Syndicate.
Or save up your money and buy a share in the Lotto Shack Bonus Draw syndicate.

You can also reduce your cost by using special FILTERS from within the program to reduce the amount of Lotto Games you play by using any of the following:

Bell Curve Stats.
Boxing Reduction.
Consecutive Number reduction.
Odds and Evens Reduction.
Previous Draw Reduction.

So which ever reduction method you use is up to the person. The Lotto Shack never uses any of these filters.

But also click on the navigation bar for the Lotto Shack Wheeling Systems.

Or use a very good On-Line Number Selector, by going to Lotto Selections 

Well that is all that we can think of for the moment, but should any other information becomes knowledge it will be pasted here.

So feel free to come back and check this page occasionally.

Download: Word Document


Please play any Lotto Game safely.

Do not over spend.

Play with the thought that you are going to receive small prizes, each and every week, by being a more informed Lotto Player.
Please be a "MEG" Majority Educated Gambler.

Happy and safe Selecting and Punting

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