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June 1972 The first every Lotto Game of Lotto was conducted by Tattersalls in Melbourne Victoria on the 24-June. This was done a weekly basis up till draw 437,

March 1981 Saw the beginning of what is now know as the Lotto Bloc States. All the diferent State Lottery Commissons teamed with Tattersalls on the 07-March.
The only exception being New South Wales Lottery Commission.
The DRAW NUMBERS were then set at draw 101 for some unknown reason.
AThe draw numbers came in Ascending order up to DRAW 233 (15-October).
But for the draw conducted on the 22-October, the draw number became 235.
And has since always had an odd digital for the last number, because Mid-Week Lotto had started and the draw number for this game was to end in Even Digit's.

June 1984 All results are compiled by the Lotto Shack from June 1984. Back then, it was just Weekend Lotto and 6from36 (Pools).

19-Oct-84 Over time, changes occurred in how and when we played lotto. We saw the introduction of what used to be called Midweek Lotto from draw 234 ( 19-Oct-84 ), and the pool of numbers for the Saturday Night Lotto Draw increase from 39 to 40.

06-Jul-85 Then from the 6-Jul-85, we saw the pool of numbers increase from 40 numbers with 1 supplementary to 45 numbers with 2 supplementaries. Also on the 10-Jul-85 we saw the pool of numbers in Midweek lotto change from 39 numbers with 1 supplementary to 45 numbers with 2 supplementaries.

16-May-96 On the 16-May-96, we witnessed the end of 13 years of Midweek Lotto as the last draw was conducted.

20-Apr-85 Soccer Pools also saw changes from a pool of 36 numbers with 1 supplementary, to 38 numbers with 1 supplementary..

26-Jul-86 A point of interest: In the early days the draw numbers for Soccer Pools commenced from draw 1 and carry on to draw 52 and reset to draw 1 again. This changed on the 26-Jul-86 after draw 52 was conducted. The draw numbers then carried on in numerical order to the present draw number.

22-Feb-94 Of course we have seen other changes take place in how we play Lotto. We saw Midweek Lotto change from Wednesday night to Thursday night. We saw the introduction of Oz Lotto, which is held on Tuesday nights on the 22-Feb-94. This has shown that it can Jackpot in 1st division very regularly.

25-Nov-95 We saw the introduction of what is known as 2nd Chance lotto. A second draw is conducted straight after the first draw. The pool of numbers is still 45 numbers, but no supplementary numbers are drawn.

25-Jan-97 After 14 months later we saw 2nd Chance cease after draw 1619 was conducted.

23-Jul-95 Then the Big Game arrived on the 23-Jul-95. Yes! Powerball had arrived in Australia!

1996 All states with the exception of New South Wales play most of the Lotto games. New south Wales joined to play Oz Lotto and also Soccer Pools, and also is taking part in the New Powerball Lotto. New South Wales play a separate lotto game on a Monday and Wednesday night, and use a pool of 44 numbers.

1996 South Australia conducts a separate lotto game on Monday night, call Xtra-Xtra. With a pool of 45 numbers with 2 supplementaries. Once again we see regular Jackpot's in division 1.

29-May-1996 Queensland re-introduced the Midweek Lotto game after a absence of 1 week and missing out on one draw number (1548), starting from draw 1550 29-May-96, and is still played to this day.

16-Dec-2000 New South Wales Lotto players where now able to play Saturday Lotto from Draw 2025, thus making Saturday Lotto a "NATIONAL GAME". 

02-Feb-2002 Victoria introduced their own version of Midweek Lotto starting from draw One 02-Feb-00.

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