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Australian Lotto Program Supported


Program LOTTONET Gold Fx Pro (Australasian version)
Product Lottonet
Company Dietner Software
Lotto Draws Supported
All Australian Lotto games including Victorian Keno,
Power ball and Soccer Pools,
New Zealand National Lotto,
Singapore Toto,
Hong Kong Lotto
(All past results, from beginning to last Saturday for all game types areincluded with this Program

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Existing Lottonet Gold Fx-pro Users

The Lotto Shack now offers, as a separate service, the most up to date DB
files for Lottonet Gold Fx-pro program which now includes all
Divisional payouts for all Australian games, New Zealand Lotto,
International users can now also obtain
up to date United Kingdom Saturday and Wednesday Lotto and Thunder ball Databases, Irish Saturday and Wednesday Databases,
Canadian 6 from 49 and South African Lotto Databases.

You can find the download page HERE

The Lotto Shack compiles all results databases complete
with divisional payouts, as distinct from original Lottonet results
databases which contain only the winning numbers.
To purchase Lottoshack Results data disk
(for Australian version of Lottonet Gold Fx-pro),
the cost is AU$ 25.oo per Disk (all databases).
To take out Lottoshack Membership, (unlimited downloads),
the cost is AU$ 39.00 per year.
(Suited for Lottonet Gold users conducting "in house" Syndicates).


 (Lotto Factory) USERS

With the demise of "AUREOLE ELECTRONICS", producers of Lotto Factory and Win Lotto programs, the Lotto Shack no longer supports either Program. Since the Program (WIN LOTTO) has been forced off the retail shelves, due to NO support from original producers or resellers (Manacom and Harvey Norman), we are no longer able to maintain WIN LOTTO results databases.
However, for all unfortunate customers, who are unable to get a refund for
their WIN LOTTO program (with long outdated databases) from the reseller, we at LOTTO SHACK have struck a special Deal with producers of Lottonet Gold Fx-pro program.
We are now able to offer $ 50.00 for every WIN LOTTO or Lottofactory
program, no matter how old, if you "cross over" to Lottonet Gold Fx-pro.

To take advantage of this TRULY SPECIAL offer and get further $ 50.00 OFF the already discounted Lottonet Gold Fx-pro program (Was originaly $189.00)
(you get a total of $ 100.oo Off RRP), you must include Registration number of your old Program with the Order!
Or send your Win Lotto CD ROM to us to verify your purchase.

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Other Lottery Software

Disappointed with the Lottery Software that you have purchased from elsewhere?
And we are aware of such programs out there.
Well suffer no longer, with what you have purchased in the past, there is a solution to your answer. 

The Lotto Shack in conjunction with the producers of Lotto Net Gold FX, have struck a Special deal for Win Lotto Users.
For (Aus)$89.00 plus $12.00 per order will be added for shipping charges for Airmail/Express delivery.
This includes 12 months access to the Latest Data files for updating your Lottery Databases.
To receive this SPECIAL Cross over price, you must send us the the Original Lottery CD ROM before we can proceed with your order.
Please forward your Win Lotto CD ROM to the following address;
The Lotto Shack
Unit 5 
18 Blenheim Street
Balaclava 3183

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