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Weekly Lotto Syndicate IS NOW OPEN

Only 10 share are available.
Sold on 1st come basis.
Reserve list held by this office.
Cost per share:
$7.45 per week (rounded up)
Actually $7.42 per week.
(Extra 3 cents per share held in the kitty)
But please read Syndicate Conditions Below
Four game plans of 4 from 6 computerized wheeling system.
Each game plan will cover 18 numbers in 42 standard lotto games.
Standard Lotto games consist of 6 numbers.
A total of 37 numbers out of 45 will be covered
over the 4 game plans

Syndicate Conditions.

1) Syndicate will not operate to all shares are sold
2) Syndicate members are to pay for 12 weeks in Advance $7.45 x 12 = $89.40
3) And every 12 weeks there after. Will be notified 2 weeks in adance when next payment is due. All payments are to be in Australian Dollars.
4) All winnings to be paced in the kitty, with exception of condition 5. And pooled.
5) Should at any time a THIRD Division win or better is obtained, then the money will be collected by this office, and payed out as soon as possible, unless directed by a syndicate member otherwise to future playing dates.
6) All syndicate members will receive weekly electronic statements.
These will be in the form of an Excel Spreadsheet format, so a syndicate member will need to have excel installed on their computer. This reduces cost of weekly mail outs. therefore a current email address will be required.
7) All syndicate members will receive copies of the numbers covered in the four different game plans upon joining. This will be in a form a four (4) Word documents.
8) Word Documents and excel file will be as an attachment to an email.

Are you still uncertain if you should join us at the Lotto Shack, to take part in
one of our Syndicates, then why not check out our
Frequencey asked Questions Page.
for further information.


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