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Lotto Shack Wheeling System
Wheeling Systems

These game plans are for Australian Saturday 6 from 45 Lotto Format only.
Other lotto formats can be made up, please let us know which format and State you wish to play in.

The Lotto Shack wheeling systems are designed to allow the oridinary average Lotto player better and hopefully able to constantly win.

The numbers used in the Four Game plans have been extensively researched. And test conducted over previous draw in Saturday 6from45 Lotto show that they perform better than average.

The four game plans are made up of Computerized Wheeling systems from a source known only to the Lotto Shack.

Each game plan consist of 18 numbers played over 42 standard lotto games. These are not Official system 18's.

A total of 38 numbers out of 45 are covered over the four game plans.

All you have to do, is to convert over the numbers from our game plans and onto your state lotto coupons.

A total of 14 standard 12 game lotto coupons must be filled out.
You then submit the filled out lotto coupons to your nearest Lotto Agent, in the normal way.
Cost of playing these 4 game plans can very slighty from state to state.
In Victoria it cost $5.30 to play 12 games.
I believe Western Australia would be $4.80 to play 12 games.
If we work on Victorian cost, that means $5.30 times 14 coupons equals $74.20 to play each Saturday.


This is one off cost of $100.00
Please make cheques and Money Orders payable to the Lotto Shack

And Posted to:
The Lotto Shack
Unit 5
18 Blenheim Street
Victoria 3183.

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